Friday, November 14, 2014

Useful Git commands

Q: How can I merge a distinct pull request to my local git repo ?

   You can easily merge a desired pull request using the following command. If you are doing this merge at first time you need to clone a fresh check-out of the master branch to your local machine and apply this command from the console.
git pull +refs/pull/78/head

Q: How do we get the current repo location of my local git repo?

A: The below command will give the git repo location your local repo is pointing to.

git remote -v

Q: Can we change my current repo url to a remote repo url

A: Yes. You can point to another repo url as below.

git remote set-url origin

Q: What is the git command to clone directly from a non-master branch (eg: two branches master & release-1.9.0 how to clone from release-1.9.0 branch directly without switching to release-1.9.0 after cloning from the master) 

A: Use the following git command.

git clone -b release-1.9.0


Q : I need to go ahead and build no matter i get build failures. Can I do that with maven build?

A: Yes. Try building like this.

mvn clean install -fn 

Q : Can I directly clone a tag of a particular git branch ?

A : Yes. Lets Imagine your tag is 4.3.0 , Following command will let you directly clone the tag instead the branch.

Syntax : git clone --branch <tag_name> <repo_url>

git clone --branch carbon-platform-integration-utils-4.3.0

Q : To See git remote urls in more detail

A : git remote show origin

Q: Creating  a new branch

git checkout -b NewBranchName
git push origin master
git checkout master
git branch      (The pointer * represents that, In which branch you are right now.)
git push origin NewBranchName

For More Info :

Q : Getting the below error -

 ! [rejected]        HEAD -> v0.5.0 (already exists)
error: failed to push some refs to ''
hint: Updates were rejected because the tag already exists in the remote.

git tag -f v0.5.0
delete remote tag on github: git push origin --delete v0.5.0
git push origin v0.5.0

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